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Beloit College is a four-year, independent, national college of liberal arts and sciences that is dynamic and constantly evolving institution with close ties to a vital and growing community. As a national leader in international and inter-disciplinary education, Beloit College places an emphasis on close collaboration among students, faculty and staff in fulfilling its educational mission. Consider the advantages of a unique and fulfilling work environment with opportunities to interact with students, expand your knowledge and develop new skills.

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Beloit College was founded in 1846, when Wisconsin was
still a territory. The early curriculum was built on the classical
tradition, but students were given an unusual amount of
freedom to choose their courses. Today, Beloit is recognized
for its long-standing commitment to curricular innovation.

Beloit offers more than fifty majors, more than thirty minors,
and a number of dual-degree and preprofessional programs.
A flexible curriculum, grounded in rigorous study, encourages
independent research, fieldwork, and collaboration with peers
and professors. Coursework is interdisciplinary, experiential,
and global in scope. Faculty serve as mentors, advisors, and
colleagues. The result is a focused, expansive education rooted
in imagination and experience.

The College’s academic facilities include the Logan Museum
of Anthropology, accredited by the American Association of
Museums; the Wright Museum of Art; the Neese Theatre, a
state-of-the-art performing arts complex; and the newly opened
LEED-certified Center for the Sciences providing cutting-edge
science education. Beloit offers more than thirty international
programs, dozens of domestic study programs, and hundreds
of internships and field study programs.

Campus life is shaped by more than one hundred student-run
clubs and organizations and eighteen NCAA Division III athletic
teams. Students plan and produce festivals and concerts,
lectures and symposia, gallery openings and service projects.
Beloit’s wooded forty-acre campus includes twenty-eight
buildings in a range of architectural styles; four buildings
are listed on the National or State Register of Historic Places.
The campus is marked by winding pathways, expansive
lawns, displays of public art, and ancient Indian mounds.
The College’s 1,300 students come from almost every
state and more than forty nations. Fifteen percent are non-
Caucasian; nearly ten percent come from countries other
than the United States. Students represent a wide variety
of religious orientations and socioeconomic and cultural
backgrounds. No more than ten percent of a graduating class
is represented in any one of Beloit’s majors.

Beloit is distinguished by a commitment to independent
thought, a concern for the common good, and a passionate,
critical engagement with the world.


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