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Dalat International School

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Dalat International School provides "education for life" to children in preschool to grade 12. Located in Penang, Malaysia, Dalat is a leader in international education, with 500 students from 27 nations. The school offers a caring learning environment and an American, college-preparatory, Christian-integrated curriculum. Dalat's excellent academic and boarding programs are well-known around the world and fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

Company History

Dalat School was founded in 1929 as a private Christian boarding school to provide a North American elementary and high school education for children of C&MA missionaries in Indo-China. Because of war conditions in 1965, the school moved from its original location in Dalat, Vietnam, to a temporary location in Bangkok, Thailand.

Eight months later, the school relocated to the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia where it remained for six years. In June 1971, Dalat moved to its present location in Penang, Malaysia where it became established as Dalat International School in 2002.

It is a pleasure for me to reflect on God's faithfulness to Dalat School. Ask any teacher what makes Dalat special and they will say it is the students. Ask any student what makes Dalat special and they will say it is the friends that they make and the fun they have with them. Ask any parent what makes Dalat special and they will say it provides a quality education in a safe environment. Positive togetherness, moments of camaraderie and satisfying relationships are the hallmarks of a Dalat education.

Notable Clients

Intel, Motorola, National Instruments, Royal Australian Air Force

Notable Accomplishments / Recognition

Dalat was the first school in SE Asia to use online learning in 1999. Dalat offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses on campus and online and the Advanced Merit Diploma which offers a more rigorous course of study that includes high-level academic classes, community service, and a senior project.

Dalat now has taking at least one online course in high school, community service hours, and media literacy class as graduation requirements.

Dalat's 1:1 computer program has every high school student with an iPad in their hands in 2012. This is the first in Asia.

Dalat has a community service arm, Care and Share, that involves students taking part and leading community service projects.


Dalat provides a needs-based salary and benefits. In addition to the above listed benefits the school provides housing allowance and stipend for child expenses up to two children per full-time employee.

Perhaps the best benefit is an employees children receive free education at Dalat for up to two children for a full-time employee.

After two years of employment Dalat will provide transportation back to the employees home of record. After four years of service longevity benefits provide transportation back home every year.

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