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Mid-Plains Community College

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The mission of Mid-Plains Community College is to provide quality
educational opportunities for lifelong student learning.
Mid-Plains Community College, a legislatively designated eighteen-county district in west central Nebraska, is a comprehensive, open access, public, two-year community college system that offers associate degrees, diplomas, and certificates. The Mid-Plains Community College area consists of McCook Community College, North Platte Community College, and Extended Campuses in Broken Bow, Imperial, Ogallala, and Valentine.

To offer career and technical degree programs and non-degree occupational education.

To offer a general academic transfer degree program.

To offer college preparatory courses to help students develop and/or strengthen skills necessary to function in college level classes.

To offer public service, including economic and community development focused on customized occupational assessment, job training, adult continuing education, and avocational-recreational courses.

To provide various student support services and activities to assist students and enhance their college experience.

To maintain cooperative relationships with educational institutions, service agencies, and businesses/industries for the benefit of students.

To provide for the management of MPCC’s resources through assessment and applied research.
The College believes that certain values should guide each decision made in the operation of the College. Mid-Plains Community College adheres to the following values:

We value accessible and affordable education for all citizens.

We value people.

We value education and the improvement in life that it can bring to people and communities.

We value excellence in education.

We value a quality environment for learning.

We value teamwork and open, honest communication.

We value a positive and safe work and educational environment.

We value respect for our college, its students, employees, and administration.

Category One – Helping Students Learn

Category Two – Meeting Student & Other Stakeholder Needs

Category Three – Valuing Employees

Category Four – Planning & Leading

Category Five – Knowledge Management & Resource Stewardship

Category Six – Quality Overview

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About us: Mid-Plains Community College, a legislatively designated 18-county district in West-Central Nebraska, is a comprehensive, open access, public, two-year community college system that offers associate degrees, diplomas, and certificates. MPCC consists of three campuses, one located in McCook, Nebraska (chamber website: and two located in North Platte, Nebraska (chamber website: Additionally, there are extended campus sites in Broken Bow, Imperial, Ogallala and Ogallala with satellite classrooms located throughout the Area.


Our insurance is fully paid for our employees and their spouse/families!

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